Freelance Writing and School Assembly Services

For pricing, please contact me at

Auto-Responder Emails

Custom auto-responder emails to suit any need, including welcome messages, newsletters, promotional messages, and new member packages.

Website Copy

From sales pages to landing pages, from SEO articles to content filler, I can customize content to meet your needs.

Advertising Mailers

Certified in sales copywriting by the American Writers & Artists Inc., I can design any sales or marketing mailers you may need in any style you prefer. Not sure if I can create what you need? Just ask!

Blog Posts

Blog posts on any topic, including how-to articles, product reviews, and op-ed pieces, I’d love to write for your blog!

Classroom Visits and Assemblies

I have lecturing experience in classrooms from elementary through college-aged kids, I’ve worked with classes of all sizes, and all ages. Whether you’re looking for someone to inspire your kids in creative writing, or simply to teach your class of writers some tricks of the trade, I’ve done it all!

Creative Writing Workshops

Group workshops available on a variety of writing topics, from character development to story arcs. With a knack for teaching and a passion for writing, I’m more than happy to come and teach on any writing subject you require.

“The young boy’s willpower was beyond iron, beyond steel, and burned through the Highlord’s defenses. It was unbreakable, unstoppable, and fueled by the love of the girl he cherished above all others.”

Starjumper Legacy: The Plague of Dawn